We are proud to offer some of the finest areas exclusive for serious bow/crossbow hunters.

Situated in a Big 5 Game reserve you can expect the most exciting hunting area for Bow/crossbow hunters, South Africa has to offer.

This private consession consist of a total hectarage of 60,000 hectares, 50 km north of Pretoria, Gauteng. The area forms part of the Savanna Biome. The biome is characterised by a dominant grass layer, with a woody layer restricted through rainfall and fire management. The dominating savanna types within the consession are clay thorn bushveld and mixed bushveld.

The soils are characterised by black or red clays, derived from basalt, as well as coarse, sandy and shallow soils overlying granite, quartzite, sandstone or shale.

The area experiences summer rainfall patterns that can be variable and erratic. Rainfall varies from 350mm to 750mm per year. Temperatures vary between 8°C and 40°C, with an average of 21°C.

The vegetation varies from a dense, short bushveld to a rather open tree savanna. The woody layer is characterised by red bush willow. Other trees include common hook thorn, sicklebush, live-long and various grewia species.

The relatively sweet herbaceous layer is dominated by grasses such as finger grass, Kalahari sand quick, wool grass and various aristida and erogrostis species.

On the deeper and sandier soils, silver cluster-leaf becomes dominant, with characteristic broom grass and purple spike cat's tail.

Dominated by various acacia species: umbrella thorn (Acacia tortilis), scented thorn (Acacia nilotica), and sweet thorn (Acacia karroo; Acacia tenuispina; Acacia gerrardii; Acacia nigrescens and Acacia robusta). Other species in the area include buffalo thorn (Ziziphus mucronata), sicklebush (Dichrostachys cinerea) and wild raisin (Grewia flava).

Dominant grass species, in dense swards, are turf grass (Ischaemum afrum), deck grass (Sehima galpinii), canary millet (Setaria incrassata) and Panicum coloratum. Overgrazing and deterioration of the grass sward results in an increase in the woody component, with an associated dominance of pinhole grass (Bothriochloa insculpta), three-awn rolling grass (Aristida bipartia) and sweet signal grass (Brachiaria eruciformis).

Has big 5 and plains game on the concession.